Wednesday 29 May 2013

A trip to Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery

Stephanie Murfin, from the Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery very kindly showed the young people from the Manningham Youth Project around the South Asian Exhibition at the museum. She explained the history of the South Asian population of Blackburn and their experience of coming to Blackburn to work in the Mills (not too dissimilar to Bradford). She explained that the exhibition was well received by the South Asian community in Blackburn when it was opened about 20 years ago. She did emphasise that although the exhibition did need updating it was still relevant and well used.

As a special treat, she allowed the young people to look and touch the objects that were usually kept behind the glass cabinets. She also told them about the background of the objects and how they came to be in the museum.

The young people really enjoyed walking around the exhibition and taking pictures (especially of the buffalos!). They looked at and read the striking panels. In particular, many of the young people crowded around the large map of South Asia and pointed out where their families were originally from.

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