Tuesday 21 May 2013

Cameras at the ready! Photography training

Our second workshop kicked off with Bip Mistry, a professional photographer, teaching the young people how to take a 'good' portrait pictures. The young people were split into groups and given cameras. They were then asked to practice taking pictures of each other - which was effective learning and fun!

The photographs taken were uploaded on a computer and the young people then discussed what they thought looked good as a portrait photograph and what did not - the group found this very insightful and they were eager to start photographing the interviewees for the project!

Graphic Designer, Andy Edwards, then discussed design ideas of the final publication which will contain the portrait photographs and quotes from the interviews. The young people were given the opportunity to look at the example books and publications brought in by Andy. Amongst other things, they discussed publication cover material, design, content, colours and size. The group were excited to see the final product.

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